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Why choose us?

We are reliable, professional and offer competitive prices including fantastic trade rates.

In addition to this, we give unbeatable support and guidance on how to install your own artificial grass when you buy from us. Over 40 years of experience in the industry means that we understand our customers needs in both the products we offer and the high level of customer service we provide.

We have an excellent team and offer an installation service if required.

Do you provide installation?

We offer a no obligation quotation service for the installation of our grass. Our excellent team demonstrate superb workmanship and are highly regarded by our customers who consistently feedback on their courteousness and professionalism.

Please contact us for more information or to arrange an appointment so we can provide you with a competitive quote.

What widths are available?

Our grass is available in 2m, 4m and 5m widths.

Can I install the grass myself?

In a nutshell, yes! Many of our customers successfully install our grass each year.

We can provide details on how to achieve professional results when you buy your grass from us.

Can my grass be installed on a sloping ground?

Yes, artificial grass can be securely fitted to a sloping ground.

Please ask for more details if required.

Can artificial grass be fitted over decking?

Artificial grass can be fitted over a wide range of surfaces.

When fitting over decking we recommend a soft foam underlay is used prior to fitting. You can also purchase your foam underlay from us when ordering your artificial grass. Please ask for more details.

How much maintenance is required?

Our artificial grass is extremely easy to maintain and is one of the benefits of installing grass in your garden.

Nothing more than a quick brush to remove debris will ensure your artificial grass remains natural looking without the hassle of mowing, weeding and watering.

What about drainage?

All of our artificial grass is made from materials that allow natural drainage to take place.

Can I purchase maintenance products from you?

We provide a full range of accessories to maintain your artificial lawn.

How do I clean artificial grass?

Cleaning your artificial grass is as simple as a quick rinse with warm water and a broom!

Do your products have a guarantee?

All of our artificial grass comes with a 9 year guarantee.

Is it suitable for pets?

Yes, artificial grass is ideal for pets. You can also purchase pet freshener to ensure your grass is always tip top.

Is it child friendly?

Absolutely, all of our artificial grass is safe for children to play on giving you peace of mind.

When purchasing your grass from Southern Artificial Grass please ask about our super soft foam underlay which will ensure your grass surface is even softer for childs play.

Will my grass fade in the sun?

No, all of our artificial grass is fully UV stabilised and carry the guarentee of 9 years against fading from sun exposure.

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